Mission Statement

The San Diego Fight Club (SDFC) provides the highest level of  San Diego Mixed Martial Arts Training (MMA) and physical fitness to meet the goals of each individual student and member. SDFC has the program for you and your family, whether it’s the SDFC’s JrSpartans youth program for your children, or the MMA San Diego Training  and adult fitness membership program to learn a new hobby and get into top physical and mental shape, or SDFC’s personally customized MMA professional fighter programs created by King of the Cage Lightweight Champion Charlie Kohler.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Overview

In 1993 the Martial Arts World was introduced to a superior form of fighting/self defense.  Royce Gracie took on all comers in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), proving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)cas the world’s most effective form of fighting/self defense.  However, due to the effectiveness of BJJ the Martial Arts World has forever changed.  Today, athletes are becoming bigger and stronger with the awareness of basic submissions, making it tougher for a pure BJJ artist to succeed in a once dominating fashion.  These days, to be successful in any attack or competition, a foundation of BJJ must be incorporated with other Martial Arts and proper training programs.  While BJJ is the foundation of the SDFC, key elements of Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing are incorporated and tied together with scientific Training Programs.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Facts show that over 90% of all fights and attacks end up on the ground.  Addressing the most significant aspect of an actual fight or attack, BJJ trains the ground skills necessary to take control of any situation.  As shown by the Gracies, in their fighting exploits, BJJ uses a variety of submissions and positions enabling a person of any size to escape or defeat a much large opponent.  Royce Gracie was out-weighed at times by 80 lbs!  Nevertheless, he demonstrated BJJ beautifully submitting all of his opponents, sometimes without having to throw a punch.  Some of these submissions were in the form of arm bars, leg locks, and chokes.  BJJ is the single most important key in the world of self-defense / professional fighting and is still considered the King of Martial Arts.

The Takedown

As stated, the ground is where the majority of fights or attacks take place.  However, taking someone to the ground while establishing a dominant position is another skill.  “Dominant position” is the key phrase here.  While BJJ gives you the ability and comfort to fight from all positions on the ground, some positions are better than others.  To take advantage of these more favorable positions Wrestling and Judo takedowns are used.  Takedowns include double-legs, trips, and throws.  Wrestling and Judo incorporate powerful and effective methods of taking an opponent to the ground while maintaining a dominant position.

The Striking Game

No self-defense or fighter is complete without a solid striking game.  By being a well-rounded martial artist and having the choice in where the fight is to be fought is a powerful advantage.  Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing are used to represent the striking game in this total self-defense/fight package.  Proper punching technique and swift combinations are taken from Boxing while Muay Thai Kickboxing provides elbow strikes, knees, and powerful kicks.  Becoming comfortable in defending and throwing strikes will only complement your BJJ, takedowns and overall success.

Maximum Performance

One of the most important and most neglected parts of self-defense/fighting is the training program.  Knowing how to defend yourself or fight is one thing, but having the physical ability to go the distance is another.  Pro-Performance Programs provide a scientific approach to maximizing endurance and athletic performance.  These methods derived by US-Olympic and Professional sports programs concentrate on strength, explosion, recovery time, and conditioning.  The programs also provide a supplementation and diet analysis to help reach your athletic potential.  You will, without a doubt, lose fat, gain lean muscle, and be in the best shape of your life.